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Our Focus is: Providing Dealers Complete Digital Home Solutions including Automation, Audio, Video and Accessories! It's the key to building your future...today!

More specifically, as consumers and dealers evolve more and more into the Digital Life and "Going Green" electronic arena, it's important that everyone know all the options that exist and that dealers and installers have one source to go for all their product needs. Thus, we've developed a distribution philosophy that provides you all the items you need to capture this new and exciting revenue/profit growth opportunity that's now top-of-mind with your customers. This is the true path to growing our industry for many years to come and you're the ones that can make it happen.

Meaning, if you've had success earning home theater installation projects, there's no reason you don't translate that success into servicing your customer's needs and desires to outfit the entire home with a Complete Digital Home experience. Whether it's a complete home automation system that consumers can access anywhere (even by cell phone or remote access computer), or adding automatic shades and screens, or remotely adjusting HVAC thermostat settings, or monitoring security systems from anywhere, or telling the sprinklers to come on or not, or remotely setting your alarm system, or much MUCH more; then we have what you need!

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Don't waste your current relationships and energy by not fully utilizing your expertise to drive your business and profits fast forward into the future. It's the "Key to Building Your Future...Today!". Live in the Blue Ocean. See our training schedule to find additional opportunities to learn more...or contact us anytime. We're here for you!